Makrana Marbles

If you are wondering how using Makrana Marbles can add splendor and grace to your humble abode? Why it is a good choice for all practical purposes, then the white marble collection is perfect for you. This is the best option for your home.

Makrana marbles are an excellent quality White marble mined in Makrana, Rajasthan. India’s two most iconic monuments “Tajmahal” as well as “Victoria Memorial” are made of Makrana Marble. It is one of those options which never fails to deliver amazing solutions.

The price range of this stunning natural stone is Rs. 30-700.

The grandeur of the fabulous marble was popular among the kings and queens. The use of marbles is no longer limited to buildings and corporate houses. It is also in huge demand for decorative purposes in corporate offices, houses, hotels, restaurants, and skyscrapers. These are very strong, hard, and diaphanous.

One of the most importent qualities of Makrana marbles is resistance to water seepage because it contains 98 percent of calcium carbonate 2 percent of impurities. Makrana Marble quarry is the oldest one in India. No other chemical treatments are applied to these.

Observing pattern and color classify Makrana Marble into the following types.

1. Makrana White Marble: This is the most common type of calcitic stone of white color for building construction and sculpture.

2. Dungri Marble: It has a slightly Grey pattern on white. it is a popular choice for flooring purposes without any chemical treatment.

3. Kumari Marble: It is the most economic type of Makrana marble. It comes in white color with grey or brown line patters

4. Alberta Marble: It has a white color with dark or black lines.

5. Brown Albeta Marble: Brown color pattern makes it perfect for the use of building construction. The price of this stone is reasonable.

6. Makrana Pink Marble: Because of the stunning pink color it is used for decorative purposes in houses.

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