Black Marbles

If you’re looking for distinguished sleek black marble for your property, then you’re seeking something sophisticated and bespoke. Black, a color devoid of color itself, but is a color that will long remain a designer’s choice. It is one of those options which never fails to deliver a smooth luxury offering for an amazing solution. It is impenetrable to moisture and as a result completely stain resistant. Irrespective of the place where you install it, it can withstand extreme weather conditions for a long time.

The price of this outstanding stone lies between Rs. 30-150

Black Marble is the category of natural Indian Marbles of black color. These are very popular for their look and stunning appearance. Like other Indian stones, it also contains calcite which makes it very durable and less water absorbent. Black Marble also offers warmth and radiance into the area where these are laid. Its amazing luxurious feel and ambiance give an elegant look to your home.

Black Marbles have many multipurpose uses. It is in use for interior and exterior flooring, wall cladding, and Stair-casing. These marbles are also highly choosen for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity and sink top, and any other kind of worktop applications. When using black marble, you need not worry about its maintenance. The dark black color gives you an added advantage of cleanliness as dust and dirt are not visible much against a dark backdrop.

If you are wondering how using black marble texture can add splendor and grace to your humble abode and why it is a good choice for all practical purposes, then the black marble collection is for you.

Some of the most favorite Black marbles are-

Grey Carrara Marble- It is the best choice for affordable black marble.

Indian Black Marble- The texture of this marble is very popular.

Indian Black Marquino Marble- This marble is best if you’re looking for a luxurious stone.

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