Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx Marble has been serving as one of the most aesthetic and versatile options to many homeowners who want natural stone surfaces in their interiors. Onyx marble is available in a myriad of earthly shades and is super smooth in texture. 

Everyone who wants a one-of-a-kind, exquisite look in their space must definitely opt for the Honey Onyx. It can be used in specific locations in your new home to highlight an area and bring out nuances of light and shade to your space. Unlike marble, Onyx stones are more translucent which makes the fine pattern with rich veins beautifully visible. This feature is why Onyx slabs can be illuminated with a light source in the form of LED strip lights to give an edge to your space – like staircases or kitchen counters or on one of the entrance walls of your living room.

The monochromatic look you achieve with such tones would make the entire space look phenomenal. 

The prices of Honey Onyx Marble start from Rs. 600. 

Honey Onyx looks even more stunning when it is backlit. The light shines through onyx due to the translucency of the stone. It can be honed or polished to a high gloss. It’s not just these qualities that make Honey onyx so beautiful; onyx has these gorgeous waves and circle patterns. 

If you want to make a statement with natural stone in your home or building, Honey Onyx Marble is a stunning way to go! RK Marbles India is the best supplier for all the varieties of Honey Onyx in India at a reasonable price. Check our exciting range of products here.

Some of our most popular Honey Onyx are-

Cloud Onyx Marble- This is a popular choice because of its stunning cloud structure.

Honey Caramel Onyx- It is the most demanded onyx marble because of its low price.

Turkish Onyx Marble- This stunning Onyx can give exotic look.

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