Unique Onyx

Unique Onyx is a semiprecious gem belonging to the agates family. Its succession of veins brings us back to the most impulsive and extravagant side of Nature. This onyx is a blend of orange color with parallel and cloudy white bands on it. Unique Onyx is used for different construction and decoration purposes. These Onyx stones are very lightweight. They have very nice strength. These are also in demand for both Commercial space and house construction Purposes.

Onyx’s unique characteristics and rarity make it an excellent choice.

Multiple tones that bring distinction as well as freshness and dynamism. Its translucent essence allows light to penetrate creating luminous effects! Full of fantasy and beauty. Architects and interior designers use it in interiors. Also, In kitchens, and bathrooms of the most luxurious hotels and residential projects.

Unique Onyx walls for interior architecture represent one of the most desired pursuits of designers. To merge the interior with Nature in order to transmit. Its essence and beauty through its organic and unpredictable forms. This Onyx has an intrinsic sculptural concept. Each piece is unique as if it was a fingerprint. It gives an aesthetic and tangible value to any type of architecture. From the soberest to the most spacious. The onyx embellishes the surrounding space as well as offers a unique expression. Typical of artworks.

This Onyx today continues to bring added. Tangible and economic value to buildings. They are synonymous with good taste. But also with a higher valuation in the real estate market. 

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