White Onyx

White Onyx is a showstopper of a stone. Trending from centuries in jewelry, carvings, and architectural accents. The stone’s stunning swirls and speckles of rich, vibrant color and unusual translucency make it an extremely sought-after material. Rarer than fine marble and highly desirable for its unique appearance. This onyx remains a popular choice for homeowners looking to add a truly special touch to their homes — and make everyone else on the block jealous.

What makes White onyx unique and desirable! It is how lush and deep the colors are, as well as their wide variations of colors and patterns. Another somewhat unusual property of onyx is its translucency, meaning that light can penetrate it. When lit for behind or underneath, this creates a soft glow that further highlights the color and pattern variations in the stone, adding dimension to the piece.

Onyx can also be used to create fireplace surrounds and wall tiles. It can be carved to create lamp bases, bowls, vases, and other decorative accents. Many homeowners have used onyx to create a countertop for banquet tables, small islands, side tables, or coffee tables. Onyx is also one of the most expensive stones you can use in your home. But its beauty, rarity, and exclusivity are what attract many customers. 

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Some of our best white onyx is-

Indian White Onyx- It is a popular choice because of its price.

White Crystal Onyx- It is a popular choice because of its rarety.

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